Biology 106 (Another course)

Photosynthesis write up

Framing statement- This lab report was based off of a lab we did in cellular and molecular biology looking at how different light intensities affect the rate of photosynthesis in a species of algae. While composing this paper I understood the concept and topic well. I was fairly comfortable writing in a lab report style, not saying you or I, but still explaining the steps of our experiment enough so someone else could replicate it. However, with this paper I also had several weaknesses coming from a lack of knowledge that I gained later on in my English 110 class and a lack of a revision process. I had several dropped quotes that I did not adequately introduce or explain, and this paper was written in the method of” one and done”. I had no identifiable drafts to this paper, I just revised it for spelling and grammar when I was done. I was able to get by doing it this way as it was a biology lab report, however, now that I know better, my future papers will have better structural components that comes from revision.