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Project 3 ENG 110H-5

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I strongly agree with the author when he says on page three, paragraph one, that chefs have become part of the American celebrities through their cooking shows and have moved away from our “Swanson TV dinners”. I believe this to be true because we now no longer watch cooking shows to learn how to make a meal, but to be entertained. A perfect example of this for me is watching Gordon Ramsay yell at people to motivate them to prepare and beat their competition in the kitchen. Our society has changed a lot in the past decades with the shows we watch and our reasons for watching them.

The author also commented on how cooking shows have changed our culture on page four, paragraph one. He says now that cooking shows have become popular, they changed the view of cooking from a requirement to it being no longer obligatory. This for many people is a blessing, especially women with their past societal norms. Now it is easier for us to give up the actual act of cooking and just sit back on the couch and talk about it. This too goes with our ever-continuing busy schedule where the act of cooking is more of, to preserve our culture of cooking and less of the need to eat food.

My favorite quote from this article was when the author was quoting something Julia, a famous TV cook, said. “When you flip anything, you just have to have the courage of your convictions.” This was in relation to her flipping a very large pancake from her cooking pan into the air. She did not land it the way she wanted to on national television and splatted it on to the stove top.  She then stated she did not have the courage that she needed to properly flip the pancake the way she should have. Her lesson then ended with the only way you will ever learn to flip things is if you just flip it. This valuable lesson can be applied in many aspects of life, not only cooking.

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